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~Welcome to
     Lobes Of Fun~
I am in the process of creating to a new site, since the guy who "promised to submit a finished website for me in '09", not only just made excuses for over a year, he chose to steal my domain name!  What nerve, eh?!!!   Needless to say, he won't ever get my recommendation for web design work.


~Freeform Peyote Bracelet~
Created with seed beads and
gemstones for accents.
my most prized piece ever created
         Reward if found.

Pardon my dust as this site is currently under renovation.
Bear with me as I find the time to post photos of all
the new items I have been making.
Few are posted on Lobesoffun.etsy.com
So please come visit me at a show in or near Maryland.
Craft show dates  are updated for your convenience.
I look forward to meeting you!



Unique Dragonfly Pins
      Made to order  $30  
choose purple, blue or green


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